Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am a Virgo. I organize. I am a perfectionist.

Or maybe I should title this post "Thanks to Ravelry, I am not sewing."

Ravelry is an online knitting and crocheting community and one of the cool things it has to offer is a place where you can keep an inventory of your yarn stash. So this is why I am not sewing. I have a light box set up on the cutting table, boxes of yarn are all over the room, and I am busy photographing all of my yarn. Egads. My yarn stash is still small in comparison to my fabric stash, but it's growing. I'm hoping that by keeping an inventory I can prevent impulse buying. And it also helps to know what yarn I have when I'm ready for the next project.

As expected, I've come across yarn I forgot I had. I've also determined that I have plenty of sock yarn. Plenty. I should not buy any more. No matter how luscious it is. It'll be tough though. Sock yarn is really addictive because it's just one (or two) skeins and although some sock yarn is quite pricey, I don't get sticker shock like I do when I total up the 10, 15, or even 20 skeins needed for a sweater. That's not to say I don't have yarn for sweaters because I certainly do. Some of it is destined for a particular pattern, which is a good thing because I've found that just buying a bunch of yarn for a sweater doesn't work the same way it does when buying fabric for sewing. At $8-15 per skein, one more or one fewer skeins makes a difference so I try to buy yarn with an exact purpose so I know how much to get.

I do try to organize my yarn (there's that Virgo in me). My yarn is stored according to its fiber or intended purpose. I have containers for yarn destined for socks, shawls/scarves, miscellaneous small project (1-2 skeins) and baby/child and then I have larger containers for sweater yarn divided into wool, mixed wool/alpaca/silk fibers, and cotton blends. So far I've photographed all but the yarn for baby things and the wool and mixed yarns. Thank goodness for digital photography! The harder part is documenting what I have so I can add it to Ravelry. And of course I'll need to upload the photos and try not to do too much futzing in Photoshop. They're just pictures of yarn! But I am a perfectionist (Virgo again!) and it is in my nature to futz until it's perfect.

Meanwhile, no sewing is getting done and I am antsy to get back to it. I follow lots of sewing blogs and so many of you out there are sewing up a storm! I want to join in but can't seem to make the time...or clean off the cutting table or unearth the sewing machine. I want to finish the jacket I started months ago and there are lots of other projects I want to start. The good news is that I've managed to find some will power and avoid buying more fabric on line. I have come close but then I remind myself that buying fabric for another project just makes getting to all the other projects for which I already have fabric more difficult...or impossible.

I have been doing a bit of knitting though and I finally finished my orange Lara sweater. Well almost. All the stitches are knit but I still need to block it and sew the side seams. However, now it is getting warm out so I'm afraid the sweater will be shelved until fall. And then I will finish it. Promise. My thoughts are on spring, not winter! In the meantime I cast on my first real lace project. It's a scarf from a Belisa cashmere pattern and yes, it's made from Belisa cashmere. But it's light and airy and doesn't make me think of winter.


  1. I just wished, that there would be an online "storage" space for fabric as well :) I now know exactly what yarn I have ( I sort it the same way you do btw) and it inspires me, whereas I do find fabric from time to time that I seem to have forgotten ( and no sewing here ;) too )

  2. Don't we love Ravelry?!

    I am sure that you are actually enjoying all of the's kind of fun. I have found that when I feel overwhelmed by stash (and I am a rank amateur compared to some!) I pull out my UFO's and work on those. That is what I am doing now and it is amazing how satisfying that is... Enjoy!