Thursday, April 03, 2008

Works in progress

I'm in the midst of a hectic work week but I found a minute to grab some photos to show you some of my projects. Alas, no sewing but here are some knitting and weaving (yes!) projects:

Cashmere Lace Scarf

Cashmere lace

This is my current project. I consider this my first real lace project. I've done some lace patterns on a tank top and on socks but this is the first on in laceweight yarn. It looks kind of lumpy now but when it's blocked to lie flat, it should look lovely. The yarn is Belisa Cashmere and I purchased it at Stitches 2007 from Belisa Cashmere. They're an Australian company. It's a very easy lace stitch I think. It repeats every 10 stitches in the row and every 6 rows. I put a lifeline in, which is just a piece of thick thread that is threaded through each stitch at the end of the 6th row. This way if I mess up and can't easily fix it, I can just rip back to the lifeline, which will be holding the stitches and then I just reinsert the knitting needle. I've done this once so far! When I started I also used stitch markers to mark the stitch repeats across the row, but it turns out their well marked by a single column of stockinette so I just look for this and count to make sure I have 10 stitches.

Blue Socks

Socks almost done

These are 98% done (more than what's shown in the picture) and for some reason I just haven't finished them. If spinnity is reading this she's probably rolling her eyes and saying "just finish them already!" I like the yarn and I like the way they've turned out. I think I just haven't finished them because it will take some thinking to figure out where I left off. And I'd rather knit lace right now.


My first weaving

This is my very first weaving project. It's fairly loosely woven because my thread is thinner than it should be for the size heddle (the slatted piece on the upper left of the picture, which keeps the warp yarns spaced properly). But it's just practice and my first weaving. It might be a table runner when I finish it and if that's the case then the cats will add their hair to it anyway.

I bought the loom, a Schacht Flip, back in August at a store closing sale. I was interested in getting a loom but hadn't researched it yet when this one came available. I'm happy with it although it does have limitations. I can only do basic weave on it although there are ways to do more patterns. I bought two back issues of Handwoven magazine off eBay that contain specific instruction for Rigid Heddle looms on how to weave with two heddles and how to change a pattern to work for a heddle. There's also the book by Betty Lin Davenport called "Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom" but it's out of print. There was one on eBay last week, but it is so sought after that it sold for $57. I've thought about trying to get the book from the library and photocopying it. Apparently the author is selling photocopies of the book too but even better, someone on Ravelry reportedly contacted the author and she says a new edition is coming out. Woohoo!


  1. Belisa cashmere... yum!
    Socks- I am w/ Mary- finish them already!! :)

    You have a loom??!! Cool. Someday I would like to try that as well...

  2. Beautiful lace! You are on the roll with all your projects!