Friday, August 13, 2004

Happiness is...

...putting in an invisible zipper without a second thought.

Zippers used to be a scary thing and invisible zippers were especially formidable. I often stopped sewing for the day when I got to the zipper. I prefer to start fresh when tackling difficult things. Well, last night I didn't hesitate when it came time for the zipper. It was late, but not that late so I forged ahead. I put on the plastic invisible zipper foot, basted my zipper into place and stiched. Done. Perfect. Big smiles.

I'm pleased how quickly I'm sewing up this skirt. Well, gosh, it ought to be easy by this time. I've sewn two almost identical skirts in the last two months. Yes, I decided to do the shorter skirt. The pattern of this fabric just didn't seem right for a longer skirt. I left out the horizontal seam, which also made the sewing go quicker. I have the side slit, waistband facing and hem to do and then I'm done. I should be able to finish it tonight!

My willpower is holding in resisting ordering from EOS and I actually think that the more I sew, the less I will buy. When I realize how long it takes to sew just a few yards of fabric, it really makes it clear that buying 30 yards of fabric a month will result in a huge stash. I shouldn't have had to put my rocket scientist degree to use to figure that out.

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