Friday, May 30, 2014

Photos from a textile factory museum

A while ago - actually about a year and a half ago - I visited a textile factory museum in Ventron, France. I came across the photos and realized I'd never shared them. Here are some highlights, but you can see a few more over on my Flickr site.

Textile Museum
Textile Museum
Textile Museum
Textile Museum
Textile Museum
The museum is in a lovely setting in the Vosges mountains of eastern France. Many families in this isolated area of France were once employed by this factory and others like it in the region. They were very proud of the cloth and thread they produced. But with the industrial progress after WWII, textile production turned large-scale and relocated to mostly Asian countries, causing the factories here to close.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's a weaving's a yarn winding station

I'm glad I invested in a weaving bench because it is nice to sit on, complements my loom nicely, and I can use it as a winding station!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Special tools

I like a good tool. Even if it's a single-use item and there are ways to do the task without it, but perhaps slower and less exact, I'll probably buy it. There are a lot of sewing notions I didn't bring with me to Germany, due to lack of space here and the thought that I wouldn't need them. But every time I go back I find that I cram a few more in my suitcase (or mail myself a package). Last trip I brought my Fasturn tubes and my SimFlex folding measure, among other things. I really missed my Fasturn when I had to make some little straps. The SimFlex and my SnapSetter came in handy tonight for my finishing this sweater.

Special tools came in handy!

The SimFlex made it so easy to determine how many snaps to put on and the spacing. No measuring  and it was easy-peasy to make sure the snaps were set evenly on both sides.

The SnapSetter is a must-have for putting in metal snaps. I've used the snap/grommet-setting pliers before and it's impossible to apply even pressure over the entire snap and too easy to smoosh the snap out of shape. The SnapSetter assures the snap is set perfectly - the first time! I use a rubber mallet instead of a hammer so I won't break the tool. The lime green snaps were also from Snapsource (maker of the SnapSetter) and such a perfect match for the sweater, almost like they were custom made. I bought them so long ago they no longer carry them in size 24 in this color. Now I wish I'd brought my stash of snaps (next trip!).

Finally, this sweater I started in 2008 is DONE!

Monday, May 05, 2014

I couldn't resist

The Stoffmarkt Holland fabric market came to town, and I couldn't resist.

Stoffmarkt Holland is a travelling fabric market that goes to various cities around Germany, and this was their first visit to Stuttgart. They set up their goods in a downtown square. My husband snapped these pictures for me on his way back from his morning run, while they were still setting up and before the crowds.

Clockwise from upper left: Zippers! Rolls of precut knits; many bolts; realistic photo-printed fabric

Yes, there were crowds of shoppers. It was hard to get near some of the tables, and I had to patiently wait for someone to cut fabric for me.


And of course I bought fabric:

Top photo is 5 cuts of half meter knits. I plan to combine the two green ones on the left into a top and the three gray ones into another top. The bottom left photo is also a knit, with a photo-realistic print of trees and stuff. They had a top made up in the fabric and it hooked me on this fabric. I'll also use it for a top. The bottom left is also a knit and again they had dresses made up in the fabric and that helped a great deal to make me want to buy it. I bought three meters to make sure I'd have enough for a dress.