Monday, May 05, 2014

I couldn't resist

The Stoffmarkt Holland fabric market came to town, and I couldn't resist.

Stoffmarkt Holland is a travelling fabric market that goes to various cities around Germany, and this was their first visit to Stuttgart. They set up their goods in a downtown square. My husband snapped these pictures for me on his way back from his morning run, while they were still setting up and before the crowds.

Clockwise from upper left: Zippers! Rolls of precut knits; many bolts; realistic photo-printed fabric

Yes, there were crowds of shoppers. It was hard to get near some of the tables, and I had to patiently wait for someone to cut fabric for me.


And of course I bought fabric:

Top photo is 5 cuts of half meter knits. I plan to combine the two green ones on the left into a top and the three gray ones into another top. The bottom left photo is also a knit, with a photo-realistic print of trees and stuff. They had a top made up in the fabric and it hooked me on this fabric. I'll also use it for a top. The bottom left is also a knit and again they had dresses made up in the fabric and that helped a great deal to make me want to buy it. I bought three meters to make sure I'd have enough for a dress.

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