Saturday, June 04, 2005

Catch up

I've been busy...sewing! No time to blog while I was sewing so now I'll try to catch up on what I've done.

I had the crazy idea to make a jacket for our upcoming trip. Good news: stash fabric. Bad news: white fabric for a trip to Europe with airplanes, trains....but I like the results.


It's a pattern from the September 2003 issue of Burda magazine. Here is my review on patternreview. It was supposed to be out of wool, but I chose a quilted cotton sweatshirt knit. It was supposed to have vents on the sleeves but I thought zippers would much cooler.


And while I'm posting pictures, here's one of Twisty Top II:


I'm very pleased with the Burda magazine patterns. I've been getting them for about 5 years now. The tops seem to fit me pretty well, but I haven't had the same good fortune with the pants. I've only made one pair so far but I had to take the side seams in a lot despite using the size for my measurements. I will try pants again because I really like the clothing in Burda - very stylish and often on the cutting edge of fashion. Although it's a German publication, you can get subscriptions to an English version at glpnews or amazon.

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  1. Wow! You are so incredibly talented. They are beautiful.

    Have fantastic trip. Lord knows, you deserve it.

    Take care.