Friday, July 28, 2006

Last minute projects

I tend to do things last minute and this includes sewing projects right before I go on vacation. I wrote about making a skirt two days before we left in this post. Here's a picture of me wearing it. In Paris. In front of Reine, a fabulous fabric store in Montmartre. It was very hot and now that I look at myself, I think I ate a few too many pain au chocolat while I was there!

Fabric shopping in Paris

The skirt was comfortable, cool and and very packable but I was very bright! Most Parisians were wearing skirts and tops that were a bit more interesting than a plain old T-shirt and in either black, white, brown or olive green. Note to self: next time, just make everything out of the June issue of Burda. But the smile on my face tells it all. I was very happy to be there and very happy to be shopping at Reine. They have the most divine small-scale mannequins dressed in gorgeous outfits. I wanted to take pictures inside but they wouldn't let us.

Yes, I did buy fabric. Since there was a heat wave going on, I gravitated toward lightweight, airy cottons in neutral colors. I did want more orange but I held back. For some reason I am in an orange phase right now. I wonder what that means about me? Anyway, I have plenty of orange-y fabric at home so I tried to go more neutral. I bought four pieces: three in cotton and one in a linen blend. I envision skirts, blouses, simple jackets...things like that. If I get around to it I'll photograph what I bought.

I have plenty more photographs of our trip to show here and on flickr, but even though it's cooled down here and I feel human again, I need to carve out some time to go through them all.

The other last-minute project I worked on was a book bag for my friend we were visiting while in France. She had purchased some Olivia books online, shipped them here, and asked me to bring them when we visited. I'd never heard of Olivia, but when the books arrived I remembered seeing fabric with the Oliva-the-pig design on it. I simply had to make a book bag out of it! Thank goodness for fast internet shipping. I ordered the fabric from Z & S Fabrics, a first time order for me and I'd never even heard of the store before, but I needn't have had any concern. The fabric arrived well packaged and even tied up with a bow of some extra of the fabric I'd ordered. I didn't have a pattern - this bag is pretty simple so no pattern was needed. To make the bag more sturdy, I underlined the fabric with heavy canvas. I wrote a review on where I give some detail on how I made the bag. I would have taken pictures and shown a tutorial but I just didn't have time. The trip was fast approaching! Here are pictures of the finished bag (click for larger views):

Olivia books in an Olivia bookbag A closer look

Tomorrow we are off to Lambtown, a small sheep and wool festival in Dixon, CA. We went last year and although it was very hot, we had a good time. Lots of sheep, sheepdogs, wool, yarn, spinning... It's all good. It's like a small-town country fair but just about everything has to do with sheep. Baaaaa.


  1. Lambtown! That's too funny. There's a festival for just about everything, isn't there? Have fun.

  2. i really enjoyed viewing your projects. you have bright taste in fabrics and talent in sewing which ads up to beautiful pieces!

  3. great that you had such a nice time in France. Next time you are in Europe, just hopp over to Germany... I know quiet a few great fabric stores here too :)