Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sewing vs knitting

Despite what it looks like after my post on making sewing kits, I haven't been doing much sewing. In fact there seems to be a downward trend.

15 items sewn in 2004
14 items sewn in 2005
8 items sewn in 2006

I guess 2006 wasn't a very good sewing year. I have 5 or 6 sewing UFOs right now and can't seem to get motivated to work on them.

However, my knitting projects have increased:

5 knitted items completed in 2004
3 knitted items completed in 2005
8 knitted items completed in 2006

I currently have 3 knitting UFOs and 1 project I'm actively working on.

Knitting seems to be easier to do. I knit in the car during my morning commute while my husband drives. I knit on the airplane (which I'll be doing next week). I knit while we watch TV in the evening. Two nights a month I join fellow knitters for 2-3 hours of knitting. I knit this morning while I was on a conference call. Sewing requires me to be in my sewing room and I have to focus on the sewing, although I do listen to music on my iPod. I suppose I could watch less TV, but it's an activity I do with my husband.

I'd like to get more motivated to sew. I really do want to finish the projects I started and I have many, many more projects I want to work on. The huge stash of fabric is not going to get any smaller if I don't use it. All those beautiful fabrics are hidden away in boxes where no one gets to see them. Speaking of fabric, resistance was futile. I gave in and ordered fabric from I was having a bad day and I needed a lift.

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  1. It is easier to knit than sew. Before I had my kids, I was a very very novice/beginner knitter and it was nice to do while one was otherwise occupied. I can't exactly sew and watch a movie. Sadly my knitting was nipped in the bud, but I still sew. I think I may have completed a few projects last year, most of them for babies, with a shirt or skirt thrown in for me.