Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Closed on Sunday

China Town on a Sunday

I went to San Francisco on Sunday and did some shopping. Since I got there early, I strolled through Chinatown and went into a few stores. Many of the stores carry the same touristy kitch, but I actually did find a store that sold some yarn. It wasn't a bad deal at about $25 for 500 grams or so, but it was a mix of wool and acrylic in typical colors and frankly nothing really grabbed me. Plus, my stash is quite full as a result of Stitches. I did buy a nice linen cutwork table runner at a different store. It was also enjoyable to walk around and see and smell the sights. A lot of local people were out shopping for their groceries and spices and things.

After a nice brunch at Café de la Presse, I made my way over to Geary Street in anticipation of getting a fabric fix at Britex, but they are CLOSED on Sundays! I was so disappointed, even though I don't really need fabric, it's not a day in SF without stopping by. Britex used to always be closed on Sunday and then for the last year or so they were open, which was great for a weekend visitor like myself. But I guess they didn't have enough sales on Sundays. I consoled myself with the thought that I'd buy some yarn at Art Fibers (yes, yes, Stitches...I know), but they were closed too! As it is Art Fibers is only open from 2 - 4 on Sundays but their owners are busy with new babies and new patterns and decided to cut back their hours in March and April. Now doubly disappointed, I decided that after I finished shopping in Union Square I'd drive over to Clement Street and get my fabric fix at Fabrix. I don't know how they named their store but it seems to me to be a perfect name for a Fabric Fix, don't you think? I bought two knits, one is a 2-way stretch in black with non-regular ribbing that gives it an interesting texture and the other is a 4-way stretch in shades of green and white with a print that looks like it's hand painted (but isn't of course, not for $3.69/yard!).

Somewhere in the Union Square area I spied this fun window display of miniature jeans. Sorry the picture isn't that great - it's tough to photograph through a store window. And sorry that I don't even know the name of the store! I think it was on Geary, a block or two from the CLOSED Britex.

Little pants window display

I just loved the tiny detail on each of the pairs. Little rivets, zippers, and labels! Just fabulous!

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