Monday, September 22, 2008

Knitting projects in all stages

First we have a finished project (hooray!):

Bonita finished

and the back view...


Pattern: Bonita from Rowan magazine #41
Yarn: Artfibers Rush in colorway #1 (green/gold); 7 skeins used
Needle size: US 2 and US 4
Started March 2007 and finished Sept 2008

Here's a picture of my current project, Jaywalker socks in Blue Moon Fiber's Socks that Rock, colorway is "Lucy." This was taken during our little vacation to the northern California coast and redwoods. We stayed at a hotel just over the border in Oregon and right on the coast - this was from our balcony.


I'm to the heel on the second sock and have discovered that I will run out of yarn before I finish it (rats!). I think if I rip the toe of the first sock and redo it in a complimentary color I should have enough yarn to get to the toe of the second sock (and of course do the toe of sock #2 in the complimentary color). Naturally I don't have a complimentary color in the same weight yarn in my stash so it looks like these socks won't get done for a bit. I'd buy more yarn but here is what I added to my stash as a result of the LYS Yarn Hop. Yikes. More projects.

I had a great time shopping (and hopping). All of the stores had special 1-skein projects with a free pattern. I ended up buying 6 of those although I may not use the yarn for the intended project. Most of the projects were hats, socks or small bags, as expected since that's about what you can do with one skein. It was fun to visit all of the shops and I really enjoyed my trip down to Carmel and Pacific Grove. Here's a picture of where I ate my lunch in Pacific Grove.

Pacific Grove

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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. Your knitting is spectacular.

    Beautiful pictures of PG and Carmel as well.

    You are so very talented!