Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hungry babies

There is a pair of Peregrine falcons that nested atop the San Jose city hall. I've been watching them raise their 4 babies (eyasses), which were born on April 20-22, on the web cam installed by UC Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group. It's amazing to see such a huntress turn into a tender mama. The eyasses are growing quickly and yet she still tries to gather all four of them under her wings. I caught the afternoon feeding and snapped a screen print.


  1. Awww!

    I think that web cam so everyone can watch them is so cool.

  2. I'm watching the NJ peregrines for the second year (it may be their fourth year of nesting at this site).
    They got started very late and she's just incubating now.
    Last year was sad... a late season cold rain storm killed two of the babies and a third died just after fledging.
    Better luck this year I hope!