Saturday, November 06, 2010

A present for me!

Look what I got!

A present for me!
It's not just a purse...

Pretty present for me
It's a purse and a knitting bag!

A new home for my knitting projects

I was able to take a long lunch break today so I slipped out to Bobbins Nest Studio and bought myself a present! I always liked the idea of the Jordana Paige knitting bag/purse but I didn't really like the styles...until now. Her latest design, the L.J. Kaelms, caught my eye and was exactly what I wanted. Since I've been working crazy, crazy hours lately for work, this bag sort of makes up for it. Now if I could only knit while I worked. I could knit and do my work, which is mostly watching stuff and being here in case something happens, but I think my mostly male colleagues would think I was strange (if they don't already) and management would probably think I wasn't working.

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