Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun with photoshop

I was going through some photos and made some panoramic views from some photos (click to see larger)

Cozumel, Mexico

Davenport, NZ (near Auckland)

Taupo, NZ

Wellington, NZ



NewYork Panorama

New York
(it's too large to post here, so this is a link to Flickr, where you might be able to see it larger)

I made all these using the panorama tool on my Adobe Elements. I think it's a pretty cool algorithm that can make sense of a bunch of photos and make one image, especially for the one of the New York skyline. I only sorta-kinda took panoramic photos from the top of the Empire State Building, meaning that I wasn't too careful. I didn't want to crop it to a perfect rectangle and lose some of the buildings. If you are able to view the original size (I don't know how it works for visitors to Flickr), you can see a lot of detail in the buildings.

I can see that I'll be making taking more panoramic shots in the future and will be a bit more careful doing so. 

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