Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crappy fabric

My sewing time is too valuable to sew with crappy fabric...yet I do. It's just pajamas I reminded myself as I struggled to get the grain line of the thermal knit to behave so I could cut out the pattern. Yet I persevered because the vision of the pajamas out of that fabric is in my head. Because I bought a spool of matching serger thread. Because I bought matching elastic lace for the trim. Because I don't give up.

I should banish bad fabric from my stash but sometimes you just don't know it's bad until you work with it. The cost of the fabric is not a good measure either. Some of my "cheap" fabrics are just fine. I get a secret delight every time I wear the pretty, comfortable shirt I made with fabric that cost me $2.97.

But really, this fabric tested me last night. I don't even know where it came from. I thought I swatched all my fabrics but I can't find this among my cards. I came across it in one of my many bins when I was looking for pajama and nightgown fabrics. The way the fabric was jaggedly cut tells me that it was probably a bargain fabric from Fabrix in San Francisco or maybe even Jomar in Philadelphia during one of my visits to my parent's house. I'm still hopeful that despite the grain problems I'll be able to get a wearable pair of pajamas out of it. I'd show you the pattern I'm making - it's Kwik Sew 2444 - but it's out of print, and I couldn't even find any reviews for it on Hopefully this is not a sign that the pattern is bad too. A bad pattern + crappy fabric = wadder for sure!

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  1. Oh man I hate crappy fabric. You are right you really cannot judge by the cost. I once paid $8 a yard for fabric(19 years ago!) for my daughter's bridesmaids, had to be dry cleaned so I didn't really prepare the fabric (who wears those dresses again anyway) well my fingers, hands, arms, anything that touched was teal, and by the end of the wedding so were all their undergarments. I was furious with that fabric company!

    I am sure it turned out great and would love to see a picture!
    Happy Sewing!