Monday, March 04, 2013

What I did this winter

No fiber projects to post. Sorry. I have been knitting (and frogging) quite a bit but don't have anything to show yet. The only sewing I did was to make a couple neck gaiters out of fleece scarves. I simply cut the scarf and made a tube by serging one edge. We needed them for skiing and I refused to pay lots of money for a scrap of fleece!

I have been having a great time skiing this winter and want to do more. I'm actually a little sad that it's warming up outside! We went to Austria this weekend for some cross country skiing, and although the conditions weren't ideal - a bit slushy and icy in spots - we were so pleased to see that there are trails everywhere in Austria. You can just park your car and get out and follow the tracks into the woods, across meadows, and next to rivers and streams.

These are some pictures from this season's skiing, both cross country (nordic) and downhill (alpine), in the Austrian and French alps.


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