Monday, December 30, 2013

I am a bit obsessed.

I can be a bit obsessive about things, but apparently not about blogging. I realize my last post was over a month ago. A lot has happened since then but I haven't made time to post anything. Here's the last month in a nutshell:
  • Thanksgiving trip to Athens
  • Sick for a week
  • Visited Christmas market in town
  • Did some shopping
  • Worked on a sewing gift (can't say more until it's done)
  • Sewed a robe for my husband
  • Did some knitting here and there but didn't finish anything
  • Made a Christmas tree skirt
  • Made a Christmas wreath
  • Christmas trip to Istanbul
  • Sick...again

So what am I a bit obsessive about? This:

No hole
This was fabric I used for my husband's robe. It's a very soft cotton that unfortunately had a lot of flaws in it. I thought I had successfully cut out all the pieces to avoid the worst areas but I didn't catch the hole. It was on one of the front pieces and I didn't have enough fabric to recut the piece. Fortunately it wasn't a complete hole - there were some threads remaining, in this case these are the weft threads, so I rewove the area with a needle and black thread. It isn't perfect but at least it's not a hole that will grow when the robe is washed. There is some fuzziness around it from the remaining warp threads, however it is a robe and not something worn out in public. It's the first time I'd ever made a repair like this, and I wanted to see if I could do it. It took a long time and I actually redid it twice, hence the obsession! It would have been easier with a super magnifying glass.

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