Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sewing mistakes on an empty stomach

I thought I'd get a little sewing in before dinner. That was nearly a very bad mistake. It wasn't actually sewing I was doing, but applying fusible interfacing. I guess the iron was too hot because the interfacing melted almost immediately upon contact with the iron. No, I didn't do a test first. No, I didn't really think about what I was doing. I was distracted by my growling stomach and also by a whining cat (she already had dinner but she is almost 17 years old and loud, raspy meowing has been her thing for unfortunately many years now). But mostly I was pushing to get something done on this robe.

The good news is that the fabric is not ruined, and that's really good because I have no more left.

Besides not thinking about the right heat setting for the very thin, lightweight interfacing, I also realize that it was a stupid choice for the fabric, which is a chenille-type fabric. It only has nap on one side, but still...not the appropriate interfacing. It was all I had on hand, but that doesn't mean I should use it.

So tomorrow morning I will go to the fabric store and buy some sew-in interfacing.

Dinner is cooking and Miss Whiny-cat has stopped her tirade. I think I will knit tonight.

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