Friday, December 01, 2017

Making scarves

I finished the two scarves and have now warped my loom for another scarf project.



The next weaving project is from the book Next Steps in Weaving. It's my most complicated project yet, but that's the point of the book, to help you advance beyond simple weaving. This one is called "Scarf of Lucky Colors" because the author found that this color combination was her best-seller. I liked the colors and decided to use the same ones, as well as the yarn called for. Having all the calculations done - how much yarn to warp in each color and how much you need for weft - makes the project easier. Threading the heddles was the most difficult part, but I think I did it correctly. Now on to the weaving!

I'm also trying to make time for some sewing. I bought some fabric to make the "knock-off" top from my last post but may make a simpler version instead so that I actually make something instead of just planning it forever.

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  1. They are beautiful. The alpaca one is my favorite!!