Saturday, November 30, 2019

Early Christmas present

Santa paid us an early visit via the FedEx delivery truck. 

I bought a Laurastar Lift iron when I lived in Germany and loved it. Lots of steam with simple controls: warm or hot setting and buttons accessible for right or left handers (I'm a leftie).

But it was 220 V. We thought about putting in a 220 V line to our laundry room and either finding a compatible European outlet (no luck) or rewiring the plug, but ultimately decided to purchase a new one - and upgrade our ironing board too.

I love it. This ironing board both sucks and blows - in a good way! I never thought about ironing with a vacuum board (great for setting pleats) or the blowing setting (useful for shirts).

Merry Christmas! 


  1. You must have been a good girl this year! Lucky you. I have heard good things about the Laurastar Lift Irons

  2. That sounds so fancy and awesome!!!