Saturday, October 31, 2020

Finished the Christmas band and made some yarn

Here's the finished Christmas band I wove on my inkle loom. It's 3 yards long and 5/8" wide. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I might dress up some glass jars with candles in them - I made some candles last weekend but didn't have the right dye (gel food coloring does not work with soy was, despite what I read online) and my green candles look more like key lime pie. I have proper candle dye on order. But right now I just like looking at it. Maybe it's too soon after weaving it to think about cutting it up.

I also finished plying some fiber I spun last year. It's chain-plied Targhee/bamboo blend. I waited to ply it until I learned how to chain ply - if you ply two different colored fibers together you get a barber pole effect when the two colors combine. When you chain ply you are combining one long twisted fiber with itself serially, so the colors mix more evenly. That's the look I wanted for this yarn. 

The wheel didn't stay empty for long. I received the fiber at my spinning guild Christmas party gift exchange last year. It's very pink and not my color, but I thought I should spin it anyway and perhaps use it to knit up a baby item as a future gift for someone, or perhaps something else for a pink-loving friend.

Now I am faced with project paralysis. Which of my many, many projects to work on next? I think right now I'm going to do a bit of sewing. My husband asked me to make him some hops bags for his home beer brewing. Here's a picture of what costs $7 from a homebrew company (ok, the one that costs 7 bucks is 1 inch larger than this one, but still) Correction - he's since told me they actually cost $2 each. Yes, it's a muslin bag with a drawstring and the inside seam allowances aren't even finished. So glad I sew. 

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