Thursday, February 19, 2004

A New Dishwasher

Just because you buy a supposedly high-end appliance doesn't mean it will be reliable and last a long time. I did expect it to last longer than 5 years though. First the plastic buttons broke. Since the buttons are integrated into the control panel, it was a somewhat expensive fix, but still cheaper than buying a new machine. But now it won't finish the rinse cycle. It counts down to "1" and continues to run and run and run. A Google search revealed that our dishwasher is not the first to have this problem, and it looks like it's the heating element this time - the sensor doesn't see that it's hot enough to advance to the dry cycle and yup, open the door and the burst-o-steam you'd expect to get at that point, is not there. Yes we could order the part and fix it (we fixed the first problem ourselves), but what if it isn't the heating element? What if the control panel is shot? Since the dishwasher is white and not stainless like we want, and this is the second problem in its short life so far, it will probably be history. We're going shopping this evening for a new one. And seeing all those people on the discussion board with the same problem makes me think I should look into a different brand. So now we add "install dishwasher" to the top of the list of house projects.

And those house projects keep me from working on sewing and knitting projects - guilt free. What I need to do is get out the knitting and work on it while I watch TV.

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