Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Must Resist...

I really do not need more fabric, but I can't help from visiting my favorite on-line fabric sources to see if they have anything new. Well, one of my favorites, Emmaonesock has just posted more springtime sweater knits. Oooooh, they are so tempting. Of course I have a knitting machine and could make sweater knit yardage. But gosh, that would require me to drag it out of the closet and learn how to use it. And of course I recently bought three spring-weight sweater knits from this company to add to a few heavier weight sweater knits I bought a few months ago. Ugh. I must resist. I must resist. I must resist.

I think I will go buy these instead. I can't make these, so I wouldn't feel guilty. I've always wanted moccasins. Well, not that I have pined after them for years and years, but I remember seeing moccasins in (usually) touristy shops and wanting them for some reason.

I've gotta get that fabric off my mind! It is just too easy to click "add to cart". Just too easy. Must resist. Must resist.

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