Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Not the ET type of UFO, but the UnFinished Object type. I do have some UFOs, but I don't like doing that. I can't leave something undone and then jump onto another project. I'm a one-project-at-a-time kind of person. I may have many different types of projects going on, but I try to have only one sewing project, one knitting project, one house get the idea. That said, I do currently have two UFO knitting projects, a baby dress and a sweater, which I wrote about in my February 18 entry. I decided to work on the sweater last night. Fortunately I had kept some notes about where I was in the pattern. The pattern is not too complicated and repeats every 12 rows. It consists of four groups of three rows, two of which are just knit or purl and the other two are the same stitching, just offset from each other. The overall effect is a sort of basket weave. I'm new at knitting, so that lame description of the pattern is about all I can do right now. The pattern is from the summer 1999 issue of Knitter's magazine. I have the back done and most of one sleeve. After I finished the back I must have decided to do a sleeve. I know of one UFO in my past where I knitted the front and back and gave up before doing the sleeves. I hope this sweater works out. What I have knitted so far is kind of wavy due, I think, to the alternating knit 3 rows/purl 3 rows. The piece is also very stretchy perhaps due to the yarn (acrylic) or due to the pattern or maybe my knitting is too loose. I don't know. Will blocking make the wavyness and stretchiness go away? My gauge is pretty close but only if you pull out the waves. I guess this is just part of my learning curve for knitting. I don't have any friends that knit so I have no one to look at my work. If anyone reads this blog and cares to help, I'll post a picture of the sweater.

And speaking of sweaters, I just can't get those sweaterknits at Emmaonesock out of my head. I'm afraid I may give in to the fabric obsession. I can "see" the little short sleeved sweater hoodie I could make out of one knit, the long cardigan out of another, and the dressy pants I'd make out of some satiny fabric that'd go great with the asian styled top I want to make out of fabric I bought at Joanns recently.

On-line Fabricaholism May Cost Me Even More

Apparently there's a new line in the California state tax form for paying a use tax on items purchased over the internet. Uh oh. This could be expensive. Most of my fabric has been purchased on-line and not from California retailers. Maybe I'll just pay my tax with a million dollar bill.

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