Monday, April 19, 2004

I can actually make clothing to wear!

I'm wearing a top that I made - not the hoodie, but a cowl neck top from a Loes Hinse pattern. I didn't write up a review for it on because there are so many reviews of this pattern already and I didn't do anything unique or different with it. I wasn't even that happy with it when I finished it. I thought it was too long and I didn't think I'd wear it. But this morning, while staring at my clothes to figure out what to wear, it caught my eye and I though "sure, why not.". It's quite comfy actually. I'm feeling rather fat these days (PMS-y too) and would rather not wear anything tucked in, so this top works just fine.

It was a sewing weekend for sure. My husband was battling a cold so there were no household projects to work on. It was a rainy weekend too, so that eliminated any yardwork I was hoping to get to. So I sewed instead. I finished the Burda WOF tank top. I had some difficulty with the neckline. I serged the edge in preparation for turning it under but it made the edge very wavy. So I ripped out the serging (ugh). I tried another approach. I stitched invisible elastic to the neck edge and then turned it under and stitched. That seemed to work. I did the armholes by just turning them under and stitching - no serging first. On the hem, I first tried just turning it under and stitching but the hem got wavy. So I ripped out the stitching (ugh). I decided to use the coverstitch on my serger since that seemed to work alright on the hoodie. The only reason I didn't do that in the first place was because the serger thread is a bit lighter than the thread I used on the sewing machine and thus what is used to topstitch the neck and arm holes. Picky, picky.

On a sewing high from finishing the top, I worked on the shorts. But hmmm, there's a problem. The two fronts did not match each other and neither did the two backs. It seems when I laid out the fabric for cutting, I didn't make sure that the bottom of the fabric was as smoothed out as the top. I got out the pattern to make sure the smaller piece was the more accurate one and then trimmed the bigger pieces to match. Sewing them up was a cinch, but I thought the serged seams was a bit loose. So I decided to go back and use the stretch stitch on the sewing machine for extra strength on the crotch and side seams. I used grommets for the drawstring holes instead of button holes as the pattern calls for so that it would match the hoodie. The only thing left is the hem. I hesitated because if I do the hem with a coverstitch and topstitch the side vents on the sewing machine, the thread won't match. Picky, picky. I think the easy solution is to just use the serger thread in the sewing machine.

Now, what to do next? I have SOOOO many projects and the little piles of fabric seem to call out to me "make me, make me!." I have the doll shirt cut out, so I might as well sew that up while I have the machines threaded. I was planning on making a test t-shirt and a muslin of a skirt, but I might take a slight detour and work on a small quilted wall hanging instead. It's destined to be a Christmas gift, so wouldn't it be a novel idea to complete it before December?

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