Thursday, April 15, 2004

Ok, really, that's the last fabric...really

I just ordered 4.25 more yards to add to my stash. I really, really, really have to stop this. The fabrics look really nice (of course) and I'm sure they're fantastic because the fabrics from emmaonesock are always nice. I ordered some blue sweater knit:


Yes, it is similar to some light blue sweater knit I bought last month but that knit had a definite right and wrong side and this one appears not to. I plan to use this new one for the hoodie I wanted and the other one will become a regular pullover.

The other fabric I bought is this:


I just liked it. Here's a larger view: click here. I'm actually not sure what I'll make out of this one, perhaps a dress.

But that's really it. I not going to buy any more fabric. Well, let's not say never , but at least not anytime soon. Really.

I couldn't sew last night because I had French class and didn't get home until 9 and then watched TV. But I do want to sew tonight. However, my husband would like to skate tonight. I guess we can do both as long as I don't head for the couch when we get back from skating.

I'm actually reading a sewing book at night. I'm reading Tauton Press' book "Sewing with Knits". I hope it will help me understand how to work with these beautiful emmaonesock knits I've been buying and not ruin them by either choosing the wrong pattern or mishandling them. I'm not a big reader of books, like my husband is. Generally the only time I read books is on the airplane when I travel. While my husband reads books every night before he goes to sleep, I pretty much stick to magazines. I read some articles that interest me, but mostly I flip through fashion magazines and tear out anything that inspires me. Of course most of the ads and fashion shots are of clothing that I would never wear. Some is just plain bizarre and some are only suited to a svelte model or actress' body. But often I can spot an interesting use of trim, stitching, color, etc. I have a mass of torn out pages by my bedside that I will some day put into a notebook.

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