Tuesday, September 21, 2004

New stuff

I didn't do any sewing last week or over the weekend, but I did do some shopping! Joann's had one of their fairly-often pattern sales last Thursday through Saturday (you're nuts if you pay the regular 50% pattern price at Joann's and just stupid if you pay full price somewhere else!). Butterick and McCalls were 99 cents each and Vogue was 75% off. Unfortunately they did not have the latest Vogue patterns out yet and this led me to an obsessive search of Joann stores in the area. I visited three and none had the new ones. Yeah, I know, Joann's is having yet another pattern sale on Sept 30 and Oct 1 but I really want this pattern. And this one too. I did finally find this one - it was sold out in stores #1 and #2. Does Joann's ever restock patterns? I doubt it. The patterns are probably discontinued before they'd have a chance to reorder. For a buck each, I decided I needed this and this but I goofed on the last one and picked up the wrong size. I misread the envelope where it says "size" in French as "Taille" and thought it said "size - Tall." And I took two semesters of French. Ha! I spent way too much time walking around the store(s). I couldn't decide what to use my 40% Joann's coupon on. Fabric? NO! Way too much of the stuff at home. But it was nice to look at and fondle. Thread? Don't need any right now. Buttons? Didn't go prepared with any swatches and I have enough projectless buttons at home. Small Rowenta iron? Coupon not good on it (rats). Decorative junk for the house? Not on your life. I refuse to support Joann's sale of non-sewing items. Notions? Probably have them all. I finally decided on an awl, which is about the one thing I don't have. I can use a sharp pointy thing every now and then but actually want to use it like a stiletto to help guide the little itty-bitty pieces of fabric when I sew my miniature quilt.

I ventured out of Joann's on Saturday to go to some other stores. I picked up a nice pair of wood knitting needles at a swanky yarn store with the hope that they'll be less slippery for my scarf. I tried them out and they are. They are beautiful needles. I got a few more rows of the scarf done while watching TV on Sunday. It was a rainy (and hailing) day - good for movies and knitting.

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