Friday, September 24, 2004

TV Sewing

Not much going on. I've been rather lazy in the evenings and have just been watching TV and going to bed early. Boring, I know. Sometimes I remember to work on my knitting while I watch TV - the scarf is growing. I've also been trying to clean some "Sew Much More" episodes off the PVR. I record it every day and at 5x week it can add up fast. I think the show is helpful and so much better than the first year it came out. I do think Susan, the host, is a bit too rushed at times but at least she does mostly garment sewing. Whenever I see a cool technique or hear some good info I jot it down in my cute sewing-themed journal.

If it's a really good show I can watch it on the computer (we have it connected to the DISH receiver) and save it as an mpg to view later.

I browsed a bit in Macy's yesterday and I thought there was a tweed explosion. I have to say that if it weren't "in" right now quite a few of the tweed coats are reminiscent of things my grandmother wore - at 70 years old. Add a big 'ol brooch (and those are in also!), some white gloves, and oh my.

It's a cute coat, but I'm not a stick thin model. It reminds me that I need to visit the stores more often and try some things on - not to buy but to see how they look on me. I have a feeling that the tweedy coats and suits might just be a little too matronly looking on me. But I hate shopping. My browsing yesterday was very brief. It also confirmed that I have many of the right fabrics and patterns in my stash to create similar trendy garments - I just have to find the time.

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