Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ok, I get it

Last night after dinner I pondered what to do with my evening. My husband was in bed with a cold and I didn't feel like watching TV. Of course I could have, and probably should have, done some laundry and cleaned up the house, but I didn't. I worked all day and I'm also trying not to catch my husband's cold, so I thought I'd do something relaxing. Naturally I thought about working on the Burda WOF jacket that is taking me forever and an eon to cut out, let alone sew, but instead I had the urge to play Xbox. This is unusual for me as I don't really get into the video games. Or so I thought. After three hours of trying to drive Homer Simpson around in a car to complete missions, which mostly amounted to smashing into things, or collect gold coins, I now get it about video games. I see why my husband can spend so much time playing the games. They're addictive! "Just one more..." "ugh, I almost finished the mission and then time ran out..." "there are probably more coins around here somewhere..." And before I knew it, it was time to go to bed.

I did have the added bonus of a furry friend come sit by me for a little while as I played. Amazingly, it was not the usual Felix or Ella, but Sergei! Sergei is the formal feral kitty who is still scared by everything. We adopted him at 6 months of age... 5 years ago! He won't let anyone approach him to pet him, let alone pick him up, but I am finally able to give him a pet when I put his food bowl down. So I was stunned when he jumped up on the couch and settled in on the blanket next to me. He just looked at me and I didn't dare move or reach out to pet him. Then after a while he turned around and snuggled with his back next to me. I was able to pet him and scritch his ears. He's ok if he doesn't see your hand coming at him but he still wasn't quite sure about it all, just like when I sneak pets when I put his food down. And then Ella jumped up and scared him off. Oh well, it was great while it lasted.


  1. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I got it also when I played wii with my girlfriends teenage son - they are really fun.


  2. Hah! So there is hope for fraidy feral kitties! Ours seem to have really sunk into a routine of afraidness. I hope we can have a petting breakthrough sooner than 5 yrs!

  3. that's great news! hopefully Sergei will keep on being sweet and make tons of progress.