Thursday, April 10, 2008

Getting rid of stuff

Thank goodness for eBay. I can get rid of stuff that's doing nothing for me but taking up space and I can make a few bucks off it to...well, to buy more stuff...that will take up space. But hopefully it'll be better stuff and deserving of the space in our small house.

I have some auctions up right now but I'm fairly certain no one reading this blog is interested. Nothing is sewing or knitting related. I'm unloading over five years worth of old Omni magazines and two years of Star and Sky magazine. See, I knew you weren't interested. Well, if you are, here's the link and I'm sorry I didn't offer them here first. They are magazines from the late 70's and early 80's, back when I was interested in astronomy. Oh, I'm still interested in astronomy but I guess not like I once was. It's too much like work now. I kept the magazines all these years kind of by accident because they were in my parent's basement until I rediscovered them about 4 years ago. I carted them out here to my house with the intention of selling them on eBay because I have the premier issue of both magazines and thought someone might be interested in them. And someone is! I have bids! Well, on some of them anyway.

I hope the sales go well and I don't get a difficult buyer. The last time I sold anything was a few years ago when I got rid of my old Pfaltzgraff dishes. eBay makes it really easy to list things and Paypal makes the transaction of money easy but I still find the shipping part the hardest. Especially with fragile items. I had one dish break in shipping and the buyer was nice about it. He sent me a photo of the broken dish and I refunded him what he'd paid for it. I think we were both just sad it broke. He'd bought other pieces and I packed everything together, but not well enough for the post office to play football with the box. Fortunately magazines aren't breakable! Just heavy.

If this sale goes well, I'll be looking to clear out more stuff. I often donate things to the thrift store, but sometimes I feel there are items that should be matched with the right person and an online auction can find that person. Like these magazines. I doubt the thrift store would even take them.

And in case you're wondering, I might list some yarn on eBay. I have some listed for sale on ravelry but I don't think anyone's even looked at it. As for sewing stuff, I use the classifieds in patternreview and give a heads up here. That reminds me, I have a serger I'm not using...

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