Friday, April 25, 2008

My book of inspiration

I like to subscribe to fashion magazines to get ideas and inspiration. When I page through them I rip out pictures of garments that appeal to me or show detail and design ideas I'd like to copy. I've been filling the bottom drawer of my nightstand with these tear sheets and it was about time I did something with them because they can't inspire me tucked away in a dark, nightstand drawer. So the other night I gathered up the sheets and got scissors and glue stick and added the images to my "book of inspiration." It's just a report binder with blank pages (paper from some mega-scrapbook paper collection I never got around to using). Nothing fancy. I'm not too arty about it either and don't decorate the pages or the cover. But that's me. Sometimes I'll scribble a note about what caught my eye but usually the design detail is obvious so I don't bother.

Here's a page from the book:


  1. Cool idea. :)
    I've seen other folks blog about keeping an idea book too - I'm going to have to think about starting one. Thanks!

  2. My inspiration photos are mixed in with the sewing journal. I really should start thinking about segregating the two at some point.

    I've also started keeping a lot of inspiration photos on my computer's photo program--the file makes a great screen saver!

  3. I did these in the early 1990s and kept them. They are hilarious becuase the styles are from mailorder clothing catalogues of the time and are very dated now.
    I need to do a new version of them I think.