Monday, March 29, 2010

Like a jigsaw puzzle

I made a small patio!

New patio

We bought the concrete stepping stones a while ago with the intention of making a small patio under a bench we have in the backyard. Like many projects, we had good intentions but other stuff stood in the way, like  weeding under the bench just so that we could get to the point of being able to put down the stones. Here's what the area looked like before we hired three guys to save us from the weeds:

Before the weeding

I'd like to get a few more of the concrete stepping stones and fill in some more area in the front of the patio but I'm too pooped to go out to the home improvement store to get more. It's a beautiful day today and just the right temperature but it was still hard work to make the area level and lay down the stones. I took frequent breaks and enjoyed the pretty blossoms in the yard.

Cherry Blossoms

The bees like the cherry blossoms too

Bees like cherry blossoms

The Wisteria is blooming and smells wonderful


I even let two of the cats out to have a romp. Felix loves to roll in the dirt.

Dirty cat

I can tell I will be sore tomorrow from the digging and raking and lifting. I'm already feeling it, so I think I will finally try out that new air-jet tub we put in and have a soak.


  1. That looks really nice Lori (I also liked the overgrown version too - although I can see how it's less practical!). We are about to start landscaping so am watching your progress with interest.

  2. Hi Alison! I kinda liked the overgrown version too because it was so green and earthy looking. But I think the plants that were buried among all those weeds are happy to have more room. They grew quite leggy trying to get above the grass and dandelion "bushes."