Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The house projects continue. Work on the guest room/sewing room #2 will begin in a couple of weeks and we also took the first steps toward landscaping the yard.

On Friday the backyard looked like this:

And after two days and three guys we hired it now looks like this!

It's great to see the raised vegetable beds again and with everything cleared out we're inspired to put in new plants and flowers. Although I do like the very green "before" and the flowers were pretty, they were all weeds. Lots of weeds. The guys also weeded the front yard and removed two big juniper bushes, so they did a lot of work in two days! The next step is to put in large flat stones to mark the paths through the yard. There is no grass in the backyard, which is just fine in this climate where there is no rain at all from around May to October. The last window in the above picture is the window in the bedroom what we'll be replacing with French doors. After that work is completed next month we'll have a brick patio put in that wraps around the side of the house. And there's the front yard to work on too. Slowly but surely we're getting it done.

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