Monday, October 28, 2013


I flew back to the US for 2 weeks to take care of some things like doctor and dentist appointments and to go through my stash. I sold the 6x10 cargo trailer where I was storing it (and other stuff - it wasn't full of fabric!). So this was an opportunity to go through the fabric, give some away, select some to take with me, and repack the rest. It turned out to be just about all I did this week in between my appointments and a few lunches and dinners with friends.

I had a wonderful time yesterday with my BABES sewers - go see JillyBeJoyful's blog to see what a great time we had! I was so relieved to re-home most of the fabric I brought. By the way I found a big bag of fabric I had set aside a while ago to bring to BABES so there's more. I hope to make a trip to California again in April, so we'll have to meet up then.

I think I underestimated the amount of fabric I have. If you have a tendency to stash, then DO NOT buy a cargo trailer. It became my black hole of fabric stashing. I don't have any pictures of the state of my family room when I was going through the fabric, but just picture a gigantic mound of fabric, stacks and stacks of empty plastic bins, and one space left on the couch where I would eat dinner. Yes. I became a hoarder. But just for a week. The family room is cleared out and the bins are stacked in the garage. I had to clean out and organize the garage today too - whoo boy am I pooped!

27 bins of fabric
All the fabric is swatched, and the box number is written on the swatch card. I'm so organized. There are 29 bins total - 2 are in the sewing room. And then there's the fabric I'm bringing with me. Hopefully I can get it all in my suitcase.


  1. Howdy! Looks good! I was happy to help with the diminishment of your stash!


    Rose in SV

  2. It was so good to have time with you yesterday. Those tubs in your garage are impressive and I do hope you get to enjoy sewing the contents into lovely garments. Have a safe and smooth trip back and I will look forward to seeing you in April. Give a heads up when you know the dates.
    Enjoy the winter season and the wonderful skiing. Milan was not a skier so I gave it up when we got married 31 years ago and so I haven't been on the slopes since. then.

  3. Lori, I feel your angst. I owned a HOUSE as a workroom and admin offices but had to sell it. Now I operate out of one 10x11' room Not good. I loved seeing the BABES so excited though! Good job, Lori.

  4. Oh do I know that problem! I have stash in Oz (yarn and fleece) and stash in the States (fabric and fleece and yarn), and we have just bought a teensy house and I think some of my fabric will need to find a new home.... sigh. Fleece and yarn squish well so they are relatively safe.