Saturday, November 23, 2013

A bit of knitting

Last month we took a quick weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland where I bought some yarn (of course). I haven't gone through my photos yet, and a first glance doesn't show any really great shots, so I don't know if I'll post any. But here's a picture of the yarn!

Dublin yarn
Yarn on left is genuine Irish wool. Yarn on right is a Louisa Harding yarn that was on sale.
My husband picked out the yarn, with the intention that I knit him a hat and scarf. The yarn is very "wooly" and will be perfect for the cold Stuttgart winter. I finished the hat and am currently working on the scarf.

Irish Hat
My husband's Irish hat

Irish Hat
Close-up of the cable stitch

The color isn't very accurate I the pictures - it's actually a sort of greenish brown. It's been so cloudy here so the natural light is really flat.

The hat is from the Antler Hat pattern, a free pattern on Here is a link to my project page: click here

I'm making the scarf using the same cable pattern and adding some stitches on either side. I'll show a picture when it's finished.

A sewing project is on the horizon. The pieces are all cut out and just waiting for me to make the time to sit down at my machine.

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