Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Christmas gifts

Every year I have great plans to make things to give as Christmas gifts. I always bite off more than I can sew, knit, embroider, needlepoint, bake... This year I thought I'd start early. Well, I may have started, but I didn't finish. I only exchange with one of my sisters (and her family) and a sister-in-law (and family) so at least the list isn't too long. I also try to make my mom something even though she doesn't "do gifts." This year I planned to knit a scarf, sew two small paper-pieced quilts (to be framed), and I always have ideas to embroider shirts, bags, towels. One quilt is started but no where near finished and the scarf is coming along ok. I worked on the scarf last night while watching TV but progress is slow. Good thing I'm not knitting a sweater!

As Christmas approaches I prioritize my gift making. Highest on the list are the gifts that must be sent - unfortunately, with the exception of anything I may make for my husband, everything must be shipped this year. Next on the list are local gifts and finally, if I still have time, I work on the Christmas decorations I hope to make every year. Needless to say, I haven't ever gotten to the stockings, or embroidered table runner, napkins and placemats I'd like to make every year!

And then of course there's my never ending list of garments I'd like to sew or knit and quilts and home dec items (I have the fabric for curtains for nearly every room in the house and I need to hem some purchased curtains for the den). Yesterday I received my Burda WOF and there were so many things in it that I wanted to make. I lamented to my husband that I had no time to sew them and he suggested I quit my job. Yeah, but then I'd have no place to wear them!

So I guess I will just continue to slowly work on one or two projects at a time and remember that I have made quite a few things, either for myself or for gifts.

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