Tuesday, October 26, 2004

No pics

Ok, so I’m not a very consistent blogger. And I’m even worse at posting pictures. I didn’t even take a picture of the scarf like I said I would. But my knitting streak is going strong and someday I’ll post some pictures of my accomplishments.

I finished my hat and promptly decided to rip back and make it longer. I have extra yarn, so I might as well.

I made some stitch markers because I just couldn’t bring myself to buy and use the boring plastic rings. I bought 16mm metal split rings from the jewelry making section of my LCS. I already have plenty of beads and wire in my craft stash. They’re fun to make and it’s great to use up those odd beads.

Encouraged by the knitting in the round for the hat, I decided to make a cat bed. Since the bed is to be felted, I needed to use 100% wool but I wanted to do this on the cheap. The last cat bed I made was peed on repeatedly until it had to be thrown away. Well, it probably had something to do with the fact that our elderly cat took his last breaths in it. Maybe they knew this or maybe it smelled odd to them (despite machine washing it). The little kitten sitting in the offending cat bed right after I made it is Abby - a formal feral whom we adopted at 5 months. She's still afraid of humans, even two years later.
If I make another of these cat beds, I will make the fabric separate from the foam so it can be washed easier or the foam can be replaced. But these knitted beds look cozy and my cats have been telling me they want a soft place to sleep. I was able to find 100% wool chunky yarn at my LCS – the only stuff they had that wasn’t mixed with acrylic or nylon. I bought enough (probably more than enough) to make three beds. We have four cats – the fourth bed might be a mish-mosh of the leftovers. When I got home I realized that although I had the right circular needles (13), I needed dpns to start and the only large dpns I have are size 10. I tried knitting with these and worked my way up to about a 5” diameter circle before deciding that it was just too tight and it would look bad to transfer to the 13 circulars. So I frogged it, much to the astonishment of my husband who saw that I was knitting during the whole time we were watching the Office special on TV. C'est la vie! So today I might go out for break to my LYS and buy the right dpns and start over tonight. By the way, this was the first time I ever knitted with dpns – it was a bit awkward at first, but I think I got the hang of it.

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