Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Shopping:yes, sewing:no

I hit the sales this past weekend at both Joann's and Hancocks. I bought the three 11 1/2" doll patterns I wanted and also picked up this Japanese Kimono pattern. You never know when you might need to make a Kimono and for 99 cents...well, I couldn't resist.

After Joann's I ventured over to Hancocks. A Kohls store just opened next door and it was quite a zoo. Why is a new store such a draw? It's just another discount store. The parking lot was nearly full with crazed shoppers. I parked over by the Hancocks, on the side of the building where it's normally empty but Saturday it was full of Kohl's shoppers. And the crowd spilled into Hancocks as well. Hancock's put a table of remnants and sports fabrics out front. They're not dumb. I'm sure they got quit a few new customers in there. They had all the cutting tables and registers manned. I specifically went there to buy a set of Mundial scissors. Not that I need more scissors, but it was a great deal: bent dressmaker and small scissors for $15, vs. normal $36 price. I plan to use the dressmaker scissors for cutting fleece because I'm leery of ruining another pair of my nice Ginghers. I think I ruined them cutting poly fill but now I'm also swearing off fleece as well just to be safe. Interestingly, the small scissors are exactly the same as a pair I bought at a quilt shop a few months ago for $14. The small scissors are slightly serrated and work great for trimming seams. I didn't need a second pair, but then I don't really need half the scissors I do have. I seem to like scissors. Here's my inventory:

  • 8" Gingher knife edge - cheetah handle
  • 8" Gingher knife edge - damaged and waiting to be sent for sharpening (one of these days...)
  • 8" Gingher serrated - a must for cutting chiffon
  • Gingher pinking shears - don't use these so much now that I have a serger
  • Gingher applique scissors - fabulous for trimming seams
  • Gingher tailor points - a must for clipping and trimming bulky seams
  • Gingher machine embroidery scissors
  • Gingher stork embroidery scissors
  • Gingher large handle embroidery scissors
  • Gingher thread nippers
  • Mundial 8 1/2" dressmaker shears
  • Mundial 5 1/2" hobby/craft scissors - pink
  • Mundial 5 1/2" hobby/craft scissors - blue
  • Bohin blue Dressmaker scissors - trĂ©s chic - bought them from Martha Stewart catalog
  • Weiss embroidery - came free with a fabric.com order a few years ago
  • Weiss embroidery - came free with a fabric.com order a few years ago
  • unknown bent embroidery - purchased from Nancy's Notions before I appreciated nice scissors
  • 7" Olfa stainless steel - purchased in the clearance bin at Hancocks - a great all purpose scissor
  • Fiskar - 8" bent scissors - these are my paper scissors
  • unknown 5" scissors - ordinary scissors but they fit in my little thread caddy and are handy

Happy with my scissors I decided to go ahead and buy the fabric I almost bought a week ago when I encountered the new Mr. Hancock Employee. Fortunately he was no where to be seen so I bought 2 1/4 yards of a camel colored poly suiting and 1 1/2 yards of a chocolate brown stretch polyester.

I came close to sewing and even cleaned off most of my cutting table in preparation to do so, but I got sidetracked helping my husband fold clothes - he's not exactly skilled in that department. I do think he just doesn't want to learn to fold a fitted sheet so that I have to do it. Attempts to sew yesterday were also thwarted by the need to do some yardwork. We made a trip to the hardware store and bought wood to build a raised planter, which we didn't quite finish on account of darkness. Well, that's what happens when you start outdoor projects at 4:00 in the afternoon!

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