Thursday, January 13, 2005

New fabrics to consider

Surfing the Internet for just the right fabric for the fabric-board is proving to be too much fun! I found a few more (click for a larger picture):



The last two fabrics are Marimekko and they're more than I wanted to spend on this project - it'd cost about $60. Way too much for essentially covering a bulletin board. Yes, it is art as well, but not if I cover it with pattern pieces! If I'm going to spend that much, I would buy a twin size sheet from this bedding and use it:

I love this sheet set, but I just can't bring myself to buy it because it'd be the most I ever spent on sheets and well, they are silly sheets. Cute though! Even buying a set for the guest room isn't worth it because the cats think it's their room and the duvet would be covered with cat hair in one day.

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