Saturday, January 08, 2005

Step by step

We haven't worked on the sewing/computer room this past week. We've been too tired when we come home from work and I haven't been feeling well, so we've been just catching up on TV in the evenings. But here are some pictures of the progress we have made:

All the cables and stuff on the window sill is the reason I can still log on. That's our router and wireless connection. I duct-taped them to the window sill so they won't fall down. We can't be without our Internet connection!

All the sewing and computer stuff is in the guest bedroom. Good thing we do not have any guests visiting any time soon!

I hope we can finish the sanding and at least stain the floors this weekend, but right now I have a whopping headache - probably due to these nasty storms that are coming through the area. So much rain!

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  1. Damn! I love those floors!!! They are beautiful! Glad to find your other blog too!

    Take care.