Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I'm working on another Burda top. It's this one from the April 2005 Burda World of Fashion:

This top has been the top to make right now among the patternreview.com gang. The other day I found myself at Hancock Fabrics and some fabric bolts jumped out at me. I couldn't resist buying some trendy-print stretchy knit fabric for only $3.95/yard. But I have set a new record for myself (besides the number of yards of fabric I own). Time from store to cutting table = 4 days! I'm afraid though that the size I cut out will be too small so I tried to leave enough fabric to cut another one in a larger size if I need too.

I tend to have illusions of being smaller than I am. Weird. Most women think they're fatter than they really are. Maybe I'm in denial about my true weight, which isn't bad but I could benefit from losing a few pounds (in fact we're going to get back into our regular gym visits tonight). I get frustrated when I think that I wear a certain size or style and then reality hits when I see myself in the mirror. This can be a real problem when you sew! I try to make test muslins first but it's real tedious to do that and often the fabric I use for the muslin doesn't exactly match the fabric I'm going to use. The other problem and hindrance to my sewing is that I want to save my good or favorite fabrics for garments I'll be able to wear. Sometimes that means waiting until I lose some weight but mostly it's because I want to get the fit right and not waste the fabric on a wadder. When I started sewing about seven years ago I found an online fabric source that had fabric from $1 to around $5 per yard. I thought they'd be great for practicing. However, the fabrics turned out to be really nice...and so a fabric stash was born.

I guess I need to update my fabric tally for the year too. I bought 4.5 yards at Hancock last week and also slipped up and bought 7 yards from fabric.com - the "evil" on-line fabric store that enticed me with their inexpensive yet nice fabrics seven years ago.

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