Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Moving right along

Sorry, still no pictures of my latest creations. I finished the Kwik Sew 3337 skirt and I'm moving on to a matching shirt. I decided on New Look 6952. I considered New Look 6598 but I seem to have a fitting problem with this one. You would think that two similar looking shirt patterns from the same pattern company should fit the same way, but this is not the case. About 6 months ago I made two muslins of 6598 and gave up trying to get the bust to fit. I noticed that 6952 has a side bust dart in addition to the vertical dart of 6598 and thought that might just be what I need. So I traced off the pattern and made up a muslin and lo and behold, it fits. Fortunately the pattern has been reviewed by others over at and I'm forewarned about there being lousy instructions for the front hidden placket (and this pattern is specifically labeled as an easy pattern). Good to know in advance before I cut this out of my fashion fabric in case I need to add fabric or change something. I think I'll play around with the muslin as a test case, which will also make sure it fits completely when buttoned.

No knitting or other crafting. I looked at my blue Cotton-Ease yarn before I put it away, does that count?

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