Friday, July 29, 2005

Sheep and fast cars

This weekend will be all about yarn, sheep, and fast cars. And heat. It's going to be HOT and we are probably nuts for planning to do outdoors things. But hey, the sheep and certainly the fast cars won't be around every weekend.

I've never been to a wool and sheep festival but I've read other knitting bloggers accounts of the big festivals in New York and Maryland and it sounds like fun. It'd probably be loads of fun to go with fellow knitters but alas I am not so social and don't have any knitting friends to go with. My husband will do. Just joking. He's being a sweetheart to go to this sheepy fair with me...and he knows it's going to be hot. I've told him maybe he'd rather stay home and I'll go by myself but I'm happy that he's going to go with me. Besides, he's my best friend and I love doing stuff with him.

And on Sunday I'll go to the race with him. He's not a race fanatic, so it's not like I'm doing him a favor in exchange for his going to the fair with me on Saturday. I'm interested in the race too. If you recall we flew all the way to France last month to see a big car race (among other things). We both enjoy the engineering of fast cars and the races are certainly thrilling but just like we enjoy music but don't go to concerts (the ticket costs, the crowds, the parking...) we usually don't make plans to go to car races. It's just that these races are opportunities that don't come around often. Last month it was all about seeing France, friends and a big-time race that goes on for 24 hours. This month it's a rare Grand Prix through the streets of the city I live in. We'll be able to hop on the light rail and ride a few stops to the event. Unless the crowds are totally outrageous or the heat is just too unbearable we'll buy the cheaper general admission tickets and go check out the race.

So a weekend of yarn, sheep, and fast cars. The only thing that would make the weekend better would be to include some cheese, chocolate and wine and I'm sure we'll manage to fit those in as well.

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