Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I need a new shirt

I'm not in the mood to tackle the fitting woes of the New Look blouse but I do want to sew and I want a new top. And I need to use up some fabric...which is a whole other problem! So I ventured into sewing room #2 the guest room and looked through the pile of stash fabrics that I haven't yet swatched and boxed up. I found a piece of knit that said make me into a shirt. It's only a one yard piece but I have in mind to make Jalie 2562. I really want to make the 3/4 length sleeve version (version B) but I only have a yard of fabric, so I'm going to try to squeeze a little bit more length on the sleeves in version A. I traced the pattern and hopefully tonight I will find some time to cut it out. And hopefully it will fit. I'm not too worried because I made the Jalie 2005 T-shirt last year and this is a knit. Knits are forgiving.

But sewing may take a back seat to other activities tonight. First on the agenda tonight is discarding the old metal shed. Thank goodness our friends have a dumpster right now because they are moving (boo hoo!) and are letting us have some space in it. The shed came with the house and although it's very handy extra space, which is essential when you don't have a basement (why oh why don't they build basements in California?), it was time for it to go. Problem #1: the shed is 4 feet wide and the space on the side of the house is 6 feet wide. Problem #2: the doors didn't close right any more. Problem #3: it was getting rusty. Problem #4: it had no floor and just sat on bare concrete - just a welcome invitation for all things critter. While our trailer is loaned out to other friends who are also moving (we do shower, I swear), my boxes and boxes and boxes of fabric are stacked in the garage. If they are not already in the way, then they will be soon. But putting the boxes of fabric in the bare-floored shed wasn't a good idea. Because of the critters. We plan to replace the metal shed with a skinnier one made of plastic and with a floor in hopes that it will be impervious to rain and critters and still provide some storage.

The other activities for this evening are to continue gathering and pricing garage sale stuff. Our friends with the dumpster are also having a garage sale this Saturday. At first I thought about adding a few items to their sale, but then it grew into bringing my own table and helping with the sale. Fortunately we agreed to make it a short sale: 8-12. It'll be good to get some stuff out of the house. Starting with my old dishes. I was also amazed at what stuff I had stashed in my cupboards that I don't use anymore. What doesn't sell will go to Goodwill but if I make a few dollars I plan to buy some more pieces of my new dishes.

Out with the old:

and in with the new:

But no fabric or patterns at the sale. If I have any to part with I'll be lugging them up to SF to the BABES (Bay Area Bash Expressly for Sewists) get-together on Sunday. I will have to show maximum restraint however since we're planning to go to Mendels and Discount Fabrics in the Haight.

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