Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shopping my stash

I know I have a lot of fabric but I still can't keep from buying more. Either I just don't have the right fabric or amount of fabric for something I want to make or the price is too good to pass up or the print is too fabulous. Or I'm traveling and want a souvenir. Or I just need a fix. There are a few fabrics out there in on-line fabric store land that I'm coveting right now. I have certain patterns in mind that I think would look great in these fabrics, but there's this nagging voice in my head that's telling me that I should check out the fabric that I already have. And no, it's not the voice of my husband. He tolerates my purchases and even enables my habit when we're traveling. If buying fabric makes me happy (and it does), then I guess he's just happy to have me happy.

I try to keep tabs on my fabric stash by keeping an index card for each piece of fabric. I staple a swatch to the card and write the fiber content, yardage, width, place where purchased, amount paid, and most importantly - the box in which it's located on each card. I punch a hole in the card and keep them on metal rings. I have a lot of cards. I also have a lot of nice fabrics. The cards make it easy to view the fabric and maybe match it with others to make an outfit. I can also take the card with me to find matching thread or buttons.

I found several candidates for the patterns I was thinking of making. It doesn't completely take away the temptation to buy the on-line fabrics I covet but it does help.

Now I just wish I could stay home from work and sew...and stay away from the computer where I am tempted to go on-line shopping for more fabric.


  1. Marisa12:48 AM

    Great idea - thank you for sharing it!

  2. I like the way you keep track of your fabric stash - so organized. I started doing that in a small notebook, but the problem is that 1) it is so thick it's hard to store and 2) I have to pull a page out or take the entire book when shopping for notions. I can't resist fabric either and my husband has the same attitude as yours. Aren't they wonderful?

  3. Unfortunately, finances and space dictate that I keep the stash at a minimum.

    In a way that's a good thing though. It helps keep me focused in my sewing when my wild imagination threatens to run away with me (and my pocketbook!).

    I am 100% with you on the last paragraph! But oh I do love shopping online. It's given the term "window" shopping a whole new meaning for me.