Thursday, May 06, 2004


My Wazoodle fabric came yesterday. Three plump plastic wrapped packages waited for me on the doorstep. Wazoodle doesn't pack in cardboard boxes, they use a plastic packing wrap that I imagine must be custom formed to the fabric and vacuum sealed. My fabrics were packed so tightly that they literally burst out of the wrapping when I cut the bundles open. No extra packing material or even air to cause higher shipping fees and it's a good thing because the order cost me a whopping $18 in shipping. The fabric cost me $50, so that's a bit steep and it was a far cry from the $8.60 estimate of the shipping costs when I placed the order (but they do say it's an estimate and it may cost more for bulky fabrics). The fabric prices were really really excellent, an average of $4/yard, so I can't really complain. I got 2 yards of very nice quality thick red sweatshirt fleece with matching ribbing, 2 yards of a thick piled Malden Mills corduroy-like fleece that'll make a nice pullover, 2.5 yards of real Levis denim, 2.5 yards of black wide wale corduroy, 2 yards of a thinnish popcorn stitch 80% cotton/20% rayon Italian knit, and a yard of some Sesame Street flannel that was cute (I'll use it to make a baby blanket). All nice fabrics.

I've been thinking some more about the failed Jalie t-shirt and wonder if I should try a smaller size. My bust size puts me between the W and X sizes in the Jalie pattern but I cut an X (38"). I'm sure I've got some stash fabric I wouldn't mind using to try it out. I haven't had a chance to sew the Kwik Sew I cut out. I had a test in my French class this week so my evenings were spent either in class or studying. Or watching TV.

I forgot to add to my "to do" list: make curtains for spare bedroom. That should be number one. My mother is visiting in a few weeks and I hoped to finally get the curtains made for that room. I'm running out of time.