Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Slow Progress

I finished the citrus skirt. It's cute...and bright! Now I need to make some shirts to go with it. I don't have any bright orange or bright green things in my closet at the moment and a plain old white shirt is kind of boring. I have a few fabrics to make shirts out of: two green and two orange. One green is a rayon green and white check I bought at Britex. I envisioned a tank so I only bought one yard. The other green I bought last night at Hancock. Yes, another 2 yards added to the stash. It's tiny green and white check fabric that I had bought for the lining of the purse I'm making out of the citrus fabric remnants. I thought it would look really cute in a short sleeve blouse. I picked up two New Look patterns for blouses last night as well. I looked through all of my Burda WOF magazines and could not find the blouse pattern I wanted. Unbelievable. All those patterns. But I think the Burda WOF patterns are great for fashionable things and not necessarily basic garments, so I'm not all that surprised. I was going to use a Burda shirt pattern I have, but I didn't like the square bottom of the hem. I plan to wear this untucked. I'd like to make a similar blouse with some orange and white striped cotton I bought at Hancocks earlier. I have an orange lycra linen that I'd like to make into a blouse, but I don't know how best to take advantage of the lycra in it. It's a woven with a lot of stretch.

I try to get a bit of sewing in each night while my husband entertains himself on the XBox. But last night I had to go to the fabric store to get interfacing - for the shirts and for the purse. I spent a long time looking at Joann's and finally bought 5 yards of Pellon lightweight fusible for the shirts. I also picked up a yard of Pellon Shirt Tailor fusible - it's supposed to be good for cuffs and collars. It has tiny holes in it and I'm not sure how stiffly it will adhere so I didn't want to get it to use for shirt fronts. I also bought a yard of the heaviest weight sew-in they had for the purse, but I wasn't all that happy with it so I went to Hancock to see what they had. Their stock was pretty much the same except they had a mystery roll of some stiff stuff that almost looked like cross stitch cloth but the weavings weren't regular enough and it wasn't cheap enough at $2.69/yard to be that. I think it will work better than the Pellon stuff, so I bought a yard (plus it's mega wide, unlike the measly 22" wide Pellon). I didn't have any time to sew when I got home though. Maybe tonight.


  1. Hello there...
    I am a novice sewer who loves making things (though I don't have time to make as many things as you). I am going to be starting a purse from butterick 3282, as soon as I finish a vest for my boyfriend. I noticed it on your list of projects. Do you mind if I ask you some questions? My email is , please email me if you would like. :)

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