Friday, November 26, 2004

A project finished

I reknit the hat I frogged the other day and it turned out great. I came very close to running out of yarn. Very close. No, no pictures. Maybe I'll get one of me wearing my fab hat this weekend on our mini-vacation to SF. I was surprised at how quickly it went, but then I did nothing but knit and watch TV this weekend. I was on a mission when I realized I could get it done and be able to wear it this weekend. It was simple to knit - cast on 56 stitches, knit for 7", and decrease regularly until you're done. I won't give you the details on the decreasing because this is the knitting store's pattern. The hat is super soft in the Plymouth Sinsation yarn. I chose black and it looks rather curly lambskin-ish.

I also did I tiny bit of sewing. I basted two more panels of the kitchen curtains together. Woohoo! Such progress. I'm torn between working on the curtains, since they're almost all ready to stitch and I've been putting them off for so long, and working on a Christmas gift. The Christmas gift should be the first priority, especially since I have to ship it, but the serger is all set up for the kitchen curtains and despite being the easiest serger on the earth to thread (a jet-air Babylock), I'm lazy.

And about that mini-vacation to SF. Britex is having a sale. I will have to stop by. I just have to. We'll be near Union Square anyway. I've been soooo good at my fabric diet, maybe I'll allow myself one piece. And I want to check out Artfibers, which I hear is a great yarn store. They have their own custom-dyed yarns. But I don't want to dominate the trip with visits to fabric and yarn stores, my husband would certainly not be happy. This is his vacation too.

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