Thursday, December 30, 2004

Me and my big mouth

My husband and I have been ripping out the beige-ish carpet in our house room-by-room and refinishing the hardwood underneath. Well, we've refinished the hardwood in the dining room and hallway so far - in the other rooms the hardwood is bare but not refinished. Someday. Well, that day is nearly here for the computer/sewing room. This was the last room that had carpet over hardwood. The goal for our Christmas break was simply to remove the carpet, then I suggested that we might as well redo the room. I thought just paint the walls and rent a sander from the big orange DIY store to sand the floors and then stain and seal them. That alone would be a big job. "But what about lighting", asked my husband. "Do we want to insulate the back wall?" he asked. Which means tearing down and replacing drywall, but then that wall would be smooth and the other's would have knockdown texture on them. Redo all the walls? Major, major mess not to mention that this project would then stretch beyond this week. It's back to work next Monday. So we decided to leave the walls alone. The ceiling, with it's ugly popcorn, will also stay - well, almost intact. We decided to put in recessed lights. Last evening we cut six 5 inch holes in the ceiling which meant a shower of messy rock wool insulation. Messy. But we're making progress. The wiring for the lights is almost complete. Then we can clean and paint the ceiling (white) and the walls (a dark purplish blue called Mysteria). Then we can get to the floor.

Meanwhile, all crafting/sewing/knitting projects are on hold. So much for finishing my grandniece's baby blanket any time soon! The guest room is piled high with supplies, sewing books, fabrics, and other assorted project goodies. I have so much stuff! We both agreed that finishing the room is a good move and in doing so we will revisit and hopefully thin out our stuff. My husband with his computer stuff, me with my craft stuff and both of us with the large volume of paperwork that just somehow accumulates over time. But I don't know how much of my craft stuff I will part with. When I was moving the stuff to the other room it brought a smile to my face to imagine the projects I'd make with it. There might be one or two books I could get rid of.

I will post pictures when I figure out how to do it from this laptop.

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