Friday, February 11, 2005

Knitting Homework

I have knitting homework! I'm going to Stitches this weekend and I signed up for a class on I-cords and one on preventing knitting disasters. I hope these will be informative and not over my head. I really need some classes on more basic things like different casting on methods, joining seams, and blocking and finishing, but I procrastinated and those classes were filled. The disaster prevention class looks interesting and right up my alley - I'm a perfectionist (and a Virgo) and if there's anything I can do to ensure a good outcome or prevent a failure, then I'm interested. This is the class for which I have homework. Ok, it's not a big deal, two small swatches knitted in worsted weight. I was shocked and awed that I did not have any worsted weight in my yarn stash. Now I probably could have used something else but most of my yarn is sport weight or thinner because that's what my knitting machine takes and because I've knit baby things in the past. The other yarn in my stash is really fru-fru stuff like eyelash or angora blend, and I don't think that would make a good swatch for this class. But the biggest reason I dashed out to the store for some worsted weight is that I'm a rule-follower. If they say worsted weight, that's what I'll use. Yes, I'm not a very adventuresome knitter. I also follow recipes exactly.

I hope it'll be a fun weekend. I've been saving up my yarn purchases for months in anticipation of the Stitches market. I've only been to Stitches once, a few years ago, and when I walked in I almost hyperventilated with fiber overload. At least now I know what to expect.

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