Friday, March 04, 2005

When I'm sick, I'm sick

Is it just me? When I'm sick, I'm sick. There's no working on sewing or knitting or crafting or anything more tiring than clicking the buttons on the remote, flipping the pages of a magazine, and if I'm really up to it, typing on the laptop, like now. In my near daily perusal of the blog world, I haven't failed to notice that the flu and nasty colds are spreading the country. It seems everyone has been blogging about being sick. Prior to this week I wistfully envisioned myself coming down with something and taking a few days off from work. I have a lot of sewing to catch up on. And then the coughing started. And the fever. And the muscle aches. By the end of Tuesday it was evident to all of my coworkers that I was not well and that they were probably going to catch it too. I told them I'd work from home on Wednesday. No such luck. Thursday? Worse than Wednesday. Today? Better but now my coughing fits are interspersed with sneezing. And my husband is home sick too, which was inevitable of course. At least I'm getting better (sort of) and can make the soup and pour the juice for both of us. Work? I don't think so. Sewing? Yeah, right. I'm sick. My brain can barely handle calculating if it's been four hours since the last dose of Robitussin. I won't be finishing my kitchen curtains, working on my quilt, or knitting a scarf. I'm not a superwoman. I'm sick!

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